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We   Conduct  Many programme on saving Poor children, Donation of blood and donation Of Food. We  Serve  Different Places  To  Keep  Camps More  About  The  Saving Children  In India. The Main Motto of NGOs  Life  Is  To Gather Everyone To Join  With  Us  Lets  Strive For  The Homeless People By Non-Government Organisation. Every  Citizen  Has  To  Take Charge Of  Their  Individuals  To  Participate  With  Us  With  Good Heart, Kind  And  Spread  The  Humanity  To  The  Every  Were. People  Who  Are  Citation  To  Join  With  Us  In  Programmes  Can  Contribute  Their  Money  Make  Part  Of  It. We Delivered Proper Nutrition Food For Children And Provide The Education , Knowledge, And Wisdom. We created to save children donation hub and development organization for saving children  .children were struggling live in this earth and not only India total world has faced this problem even for shelter, cloth, and food. parents had leftover after giving birth mainly the girl child .girls had facing many problems at outside and inside “when girl child is born their parents will leave or thrown at dustbins they don’t want the girl child” mostly Indian parents will think if girl child is born they need to give dowry all this issues parents dont want the girl children.that children will starving for food they doing war with to eat food . many homeless children were stayed at footpath and roadside . to resolve this issue the youth has to do something save the children from that situations make over voice strive for their life. our Ngos life is the one of the biggest organization in india to help many children and homeless people of food ,cloth or shelter. ngos life had contributed for health camps for poor people  and donating blood for needy people who were at the emergencies .we had donars at all over the India by saving many life donating day by day. we helped many patients for transplanting of many organs with linkup with the major hospitals.many poor children are suffering from many diseases and we protected from that saving the children in India .NGOs life had join social media to encourage many people and giving motivation for them about the saving children .every person has make it job to be like humanity . Donating money is the worth it will help to create a someone happiness. our dream is to response for the emergencies situation which had occur at the poor people . we are doing  by the nongovernment organization works not fallowed with a government we not get any funds from the government we will help by own way. people has to help us by donating money and encourage us and be a part for this wounderfull work. Try to be Ngos life member  we stopped many child marraiges and save from the child trafficking and child abuse . they dont know the proper knowledge and lack of education then trying to do evil works of trafficking