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Save The Children & Poverty |India Needs your Financial Support ‘Donate less than 900INR’


Your  Donation can help many Homeless children Feed and Educate them for their Growth of Individuals. Try to Donate Monthly Helping Hands can serve Many Things


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Food Donation

We Serving Food For Many Poor Childrens With The Help Of Donaters And Our Own Individuals to Feed Many Homeless .Trying To Serve Many Places.

Blood Donation

Every day thousands of blood units required in our country. we donate blood to many different areas for saving lifes.

Save poor child

Presently Many Poor Children Were Starving For Food, Doing Labour Works And Their Is No Proper Education For Them.By Knowing All This We Should Save The Children To Make Their Future Bright

Ngos Life is the place where we intend to help the homeless, poor and other needy for free. We (The Team) is highly professional where we splitted our self into various non-profit service. Each team of us include at least five people in a partner where they love to serve others who are in need.
Join us or Support us by making a monthly donation through LINK. Your small donations can help life. Join us HERE or contact HERE and know about our organization “NGOs Life” personally. Visit us for more info or donation. We’re located in Hyderabad, Telangana, INDIA started services since 2015 where we helped millions of needy all across every corner of India. Know about our service below.

Education Services

We the members of “NgosLife” are the people aged under 22 in which most of them are pursuing our graduation in BE, BCOM,, and other fields. We make a move into orphanage homes and educate, share our own knowledge with the children and try our best to put them on the right track.

Thereafter we teach them all about the current affairs and try to replace their parent by tech them the right paths. Our own orphanage home owes children below 15 years in age who are skilled in computer programming and volleyball sport. This was all because of the kneen interests and efforts put by our NOG members.

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Woman Welfare

As you know, Our country INDIA is the place where we worship women first. Under the same manner, our team-members are mainly intended to make women aware of their rights and self-protective measures. We (The Team) have trained plethora kids about women safety, defense, decision-making skills and etc in all the schools near to our NGO HOME. Our NGO HOME welcomes women who need shelters. Roofs for women are available 24/7 all over the year.

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Medicare Services

Regular tours to needy land are made by every two months of schedules into the rural areas where the people need healthcare services. The team loves to grab people for a health checkup. Protective measure for Dengue, Malaria and for other viral diseases are pre-measured by the team before the change in atmosphere.

Our NGOsLIFE is a nonprofit organization where we made numerous people aware of organ donation after their death. A plethora of people is safely living the rest of their life by getting a damaged organ replaced by the donors who were made aware of our NGO team.

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What Is NGO?

We being NGO’s are nongovernmental and non-profit organization where we are highly dedicated to helping people in need. Since the early beginning NGO’s are making their own paths in helping the poor. NGO: A social welfare organization where we provide social services.
Focussed and Dedicated towards service, An NGO loves to provide service in the form of education being a mentor, medicare being a nurse, woman welfare being a brother/father and for handicappeds being a supportive pillar to their lives. Below are our organization’s services in which we are intended to work as a professional.

No one has ever become poor by giving.